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5 Minutes with rebecca minkoff


Earlier this summer, I had a chance to chat with fashion designer and Essie global colour designer Rebecca Minkoff in the Hamptons to talk about her nail collab. Yes, she loves a good polish, but here's something you might not know: Minkoff is also a big music buff. Fittingly, her fall collection for Essie was inspired by rock'n'roll. We chatted about the collection, her playlist and the musical guests she'd invite over for her dream dinner.

What was on the playlist when you were creating Essie’s fall 2015 collection?
“This was all about Patti Smith, Janis Joplin, David Bowie, Jimi Hendrix—that was the mood and vibe I was in.”

What was it about the 1970’s music scene that drew you to it?
“When I started building the colours for my collection, I had read Patti Smith three years ago and I fell in love with her book, Just Kids. I had been saving up that inspiration. I said, ‘I know rock’n’roll and that period is going to come back.’ I just had to figure out when. Then for fall, I felt like it was time. That’s when I got excited and I was like, ‘Okay, now we can do this!’”

Essie’s fall 2015 collection. From left: In The Lobby, With the Band, Frock 'n Roll, Color Binge, Leggy Legend, and Bell-Bottom Blues.

You’re known for your love of music. How does that translate into other parts of your life?
“I just like listening to it. If I could go to every music festival that exists, I would.”

Catch all the looks from our Fall '15 runway show at rebeccaminkoff.com #nyfw #mbfw #RMFALL

A photo posted by Rebecca Minkoff (@rebeccaminkoff) on

From @rebeccaminkoff: looks from the fall 2015 collection.

A band that you really love right now.
“My husband started playing Unknown Mortal Orchestra, or UMO, and I really love them.”

A rock’n’roll icon, past or present, who you would like to have over for dinner.
“I would love to have The Beatles at my house for dinner because I always loved them. My son loves music from the sixties and seventies and he’s obsessed with The Beatles. At two, he could recognize all the singers and so I had a re-love affair with them. They would be interesting dinner guests and I would convince them to get back together.”

Marian Hill played at your fall 2015 show. How did you discover them?
“I have a friend who does work at Sony Music and he’s in charge of new and upcoming music. So every season I sit with him and ask, ‘Who do you have? Who do you love?’ and he’ll feed me people that he’s excited about. Then we narrow it down to who’s in town, who’s on tour.”

If you could listen to one song on loop for the rest of your life, what would it be?
“I think that would be a terrible thing because there is so much great music out there. I think what’s great about music is [that] it’s diverse and it’s different and I would definitely press stop if I had only one song.”

What are some of your favorite bands and musicians?
“I love Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. I’m still trying to get them to perform at my show but they’re always on tour. I love Florence and the Machine, I love Little Joy. A couple of Kanye West songs here and there.”

Memories of the first concert you ever went to?
“The first concert I ever went to was Elton John. My mom took me when I was three and I had an Incredible Hulk thermos filled with chocolate milk and the evil man at the door took it away from me because I could be sneaking alcohol in. And I will never forget that because I couldn’t listen to the music, I couldn’t get past it because I was mourning the loss of my little Hulk.”

Mishal Cazmi

Mishal Cazmi is Glow’s Beauty Editor. She collects rose-scented everything and her face mask collection is nearing capacity. She’s nosy when it comes to your beauty routine and she’s happy to blab about hers.

You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

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glow digital magazine

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