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a q&a with david gandy, the face of dolce & gabbana light blue


As the face of Dolce & Gabbana’s Light Blue campaign for the past eight years, David Gandy has become a household name in the modelling world. Whether he’s shooting with industry heavyweights like Mario Testino, jet-setting to Italy or updating his fitness app, Gandy is a busy man. This season, Dolce & Gabbana debuts the latest edition of its Light Blue fragrance line: Sunset in Salina for women and Swimming in Lipari for men, featuring Gandy and model Bianca Balti. We caught up with him to get his take on men’s grooming, living a healthy lifestyle and what the campaign has meant for his career.

His favourite part of shooting for Light Blue:
“I got to live the lifestyle that we convey with the fragrance—a man in the Mediterranean, on the gorgeous island of Capri—for a day, which was very nice. It's not a bad day when you're shooting with some of the most beautiful women in the world, in one of the most stunning locations, with one of the best photographers there is, Mario Testino, and for one of the biggest fashion houses in the world. There are worse days, believe me.”

The new fragrance:
“The campaign is really an evolution of the first campaign that we did in 2006, and it's the same with the fragrance. We're just trying to evolve the story, which seems to have captured the imagination of people over the past eight years. Of course it has that love story, with the seduction added, but it's much fresher, more vibrant, with the sea salt and aqua and those sorts of elements, and a slightly younger feel. So far it's my favourite Limited Edition that we've done for Light Blue.”

His personal grooming routine:
“I use a lot of rose oil, which makeup artists tell me to use for my skin. Because of all the travelling I do, all the flying, my skin is always dehydrated. There's a good moisturizer and a bit of hair product, but that's about it. It's not that complicated. And of course a sun cream is always important.”

The evolution of men’s grooming:
“It's developed over the past few years. It’s now much more acceptable for men to look after themselves and groom—it's not seen as an exclusively feminine thing. There are more products and advice for men, and that's probably why men are becoming more educated on their grooming routines.”

Working with Mario Testino:
“Mario and I are good friends. The first time we worked together was on the Light Blue shoot in 2006. He's taught me a lot. I put teams together now for shoots for many brands and magazines, and I've learned a lot from the almost family fun atmosphere Mario has on his sets. It allows for a great shoot. If everyone's happy, if everyone's having a great time, they put 110 per cent effort into a campaign. That's what we did in 2006, and that's what I've done with him ever since.”

Working with Bianca Balti:
“She brought a whole different element to the shoot. The other girls did a great job, but Bianca, being the very dramatic, passionate Italian lady she is, brought that to Light Blue, which gave us a very special element. And she's a great person to work with. We have a lot of fun.”

Favourite destinations in Italy:

“When I went to Capri for the first time, I realized how very unusual the blue water there was against the coastline. You rarely get those conditions in the Mediterranean, but you get that from Naples and the Amalfi coast, and that's another special location. So those are my favourites.”

Living a healthy lifestyle:
“Nutrition is important. If you put good things into your body and watch your nutrition, you'll get the benefits in your skin and your hair and nails and everything else. And you need to work out, which is why I brought out the David Gandy Fitness and Training app. I put everything in the app so people can see exactly how I work out.”

The impact of the Light Blue campaign:
“I wouldn’t be here without it. It was the catalyst that started everything. The day that campaign was released was the day the madness started, and it's given me the opportunity to open so many doors for everything I do. It means a lot.”

Text: Rebecca Brown

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glow digital magazine

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