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beauty hack: how i fixed a broken eyeshadow


1-Intro - Broken compact

At Glow, handling precious cargo in the form of gorgeous eyeshadow palettes and swoon-worthy blushes is a daily occurrence (yup, I love my job). Another common occurrence? Destroying said cargo for the sake of a beautiful picture (case in point: see below photo). 2-Intro - Magazine shot

Yes, it looks great on the page but what about the makeup afterwards? WHAT ABOUT IT? One particular shadow smashing session left me especially broken-hearted. The NARS x Christopher Kane collection that launched this past spring was off the charts with its sparkling metallic shadows and bright neons. When I saw the sad, destroyed powders post photography I knew there must be a way to give these beauties a second chance. Enter: this beauty hack. Whether you drop your eyeshadow in the bathroom during your morning routine (curse you tile floors!) or find it broken in your suitcase after a long flight, read our steps to give your beauty faves new life before sending them to the makeup graveyard. FYI these steps work for both creams and powders.

    What you need:
  • A broken cream or powder eyeshadow, blush, etc.
  • A bottle of rubbing alcohol
  • A small measuring spoon or dropper
  • An unsharpened pencil or popsicle stick
  • Paper towel

3-What you need - supplies
Step 1:
With your unsharpened pencil, break up the cream or powder so it’s in evenly sized tiny pieces. 1-Step 1
Step 2:
Using your measuring spoon or dropper, apply a few drops of alcohol (depending on how much product you have, I would say between 5-8 drops, I think I used 8 here) evenly throughout the broken product. 2-Step 2
Step 3:
Mix the alcohol into the cream or powder with your unsharpened pencil. 3-Step 3
Step 4:
Once the alcohol is evenly distributed throughout, use a small piece of paper towel with your fingers to mold your cream or powder. Sometimes it helps to use your unsharpened pencil to get into the corners of the compact. Reshape and make sure you pack it in tight! 4-Step 4 - A 4-Step 4 - B
Step 5:
Leave your product overnight for the alcohol to evaporate and dry (if it’s a cream make sure to close the lid). The next morning it should be as good as new (ish). It may not look as pretty as it did pre-smash but it should work just as well! 5-Step 5 - Voila! —Emily

Emily MacCulloch

Emily MacCulloch is Glow’s assistant beauty and fashion editor. A former makeup artist and forever beauty enthusiast, when she's not alphabetizing her lipstick collection, you can find her cruising around Toronto’s west end with her dog Gertrude. You can follow her on Instagram (@emacculloch) or Twitter (@emilymacculloch).

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glow digital magazine

Click here to view the latest issue of Glow magazine

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