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blogger: glow talks to a beauty blogger from the philippines


At Glow, we love to discover different perspectives and explore what beauty means to women from different walks of life. We reached out to beauty bloggers from around the world to find out about their unique beauty routines and rituals. This week, we’re featuring Filipina beauty blogger Kumiko Mae from Loving Sunshine.
Here’s what she had to say:

Were you always interested in beauty when you were growing up? If so, do you have a specific memorable moment you could share?
Yes! In fact my fondest makeup memory is with playing with my mom's red Dior lipsticks when she wasn’t around. It was love at first swipe! Growing up, I always carried a beauty pouch which I shared with friends. I think even then, I knew that makeup is more fun when shared with other people.

Who was your first beauty mentor, and what beauty lesson did you learn that you still follow today?
Like most girls, it would have to be my mom. I have always looked up to how she took care of her skin and applied simple yet classic makeup for day and night. I don't really have a beauty mentor, but if I were to really pin it down, I have to say the online beauty community is a big part of what I have become in terms of keeping up with beauty trends.

How do women approach beauty in your country? What is the typical beauty philosophy?
Filipinas love beauty and pampering themselves. In the Philippines, most women bathe religiously because of the humidity. They love simple but classic looks. They are conservative but driven by creativity and passion.

How would you describe your own personal beauty philosophy?

Personally, I always strive to use natural beauty products. If I can't go completely natural, anything that has more potent natural or organic components would be better for me.

What is the craziest thing you've tried in the name of beauty?
I love colouring my hair. I've been a brunette, a redhead and a blonde, but I have to say, the craziest thing I've tried in the name of beauty is bleaching my hair. To get just the right shade, I bleached it four times in one week!

Who are your beauty inspirations today, and why?
I find inspiration in meeting people who are aware of their natural beauty but are not shy to accentuate with makeup.

What is your favourite party makeup look?
I love wearing purple eyeshadow. Dark violets mixed with a hint of black is my favorite makeup look for going out.

What’s your everyday makeup look?
Perfect brows and a bold lip. I don't like my brows sparse, so I always fill them in before I go out to face the world. Sometimes I’m too busy for makeup, so I just opt for a quick bold lip.

What beauty ritual has totally changed your life?
Eye cream and body oil have changed my life. I love using eye creams because I love my eyes and would want to preserve their youthful look. I also hate to say that wrinkles are part of my genetics, so whatever I can do to delay those signs of aging, I would. I just experience better hydration with body oils. They last longer too and make my skin feel supple from morning ‘til night!

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glow digital magazine

Click here to view the latest issue of Glow magazine

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