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blogger: glow talks to indian beauty blogger mehak of peaches and blush


At Glow, we love to discover different perspectives and explore what beauty means to women from different walks of life. We reached out to beauty bloggers from around the world to find out about their unique beauty routines and rituals. This week, we’re featuring blogger Mehak of Peaches and Blush from India.

Were you always interested in beauty when you were growing up?
Nope. I was always a tomboy and didn’t even use anything apart from a kohl pencil and Chapstick up until the end of college.

Who was your first beauty mentor, and what beauty lesson did you learn that you still follow today?
I think I got into beauty after I started watching Youtube vloggers. I found it amazing that these girls were sitting in their homes, trying products, giving tutorials and helping viewers become more beauty conscious. My first real mentor was probably Lisa Eldridge who is a UK-based makeup artist. She has a fuss-free simple approach towards beauty that really resonated with me, and I love all her little tips.

How do women approach beauty in your country? What is the typical beauty philosophy?
Well, beauty has not traditionally been a priority for many women. Our parents’ generation hardly every indulged in beauty or skin products. But the younger generation in India is definitely more experimental and aware. We try to incorporate our ancestors’ homemade beauty recipes with the latest cutting edge products.

How would you describe your own personal beauty philosophy?
My beauty philosophy is to keep it simple and to focus on getting your base and your skin right. Once you have luminous, glowing, smooth skin it doesn’t matter what else you put on your face. So invest in great skincare products.

What is the craziest thing you've tried in the name of beauty?
I tried one of those eyeshadow stickers in a leopard pattern but I’m glad I didn’t step out of the house, they’re really weird!

Who are your beauty inspirations today, and why?

I like how Katy Perry does her makeup, she has so much fun with it and keeps evolving her look. In India, I think (actress) Kareena Kapoor knows what she’s doing when it comes to makeup.

What is your favourite party makeup look?
I don’t go for complicated makeup looks or dramatic eyes. I like a good base, eyeliner on the top lid only, mascara, bright pink lipstick and blush to match.

What’s your everyday makeup look?
For work, I like a shimmery brown liner or a basic black eyeliner, tinted moisturizer and a lip stain.

What beauty ritual has totally changed your life?
Using a night cream. I recommend it to every girl with dry skin. It’s important to hydrate your skin underneath your foundation so moisturizer is key.

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glow digital magazine

Click here to view the latest issue of Glow magazine

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