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five minutes with andy thê-anh


As the designer of the only fitness wear showing at World MasterCard Fashion Week for fall-winter 2015, Andy Thê-Anh’s Lolë collection stood out. And not just because his first three super-fit models did a synchronized yoga sequence under lilac lighting, but because it brought attention to a growing fashion market: the health conscious woman. The clothes, which alternated their purpose between the yoga studio, the gym and the slopes, had a focus on comfort, strength and feminine details, from oversized transparent ruffled tanks, leggings with mesh cutouts, and high-waisted ski pants that looked more flattering than the ’70s-inspired jeans we’re now seeing. But fashion week was the perfect place for Lolë. One might expect bottles of champagne, coffee and cigarettes backstage, instead it was fresh-pressed juices and popcorn in the media lounge. Maybe it has something to do with Gwyneth and her cleanses, or model Izabel Goulart’s Instagram account, or even the fashion industry’s move towards a healthier beauty ideal for models. Either way, it’s a good thing. And Thê-Anh is a perfect fit, with his positive and warm attitude.

The latest collection
“First, it’s an important one because we’re showing at fashion week. But also because now, more than ever before, active wear has become a big part of a woman’s lifestyle. So we showed the ready-to-wear along with the active collection.”

His take on femininity
“I always stay true to myself when I design. I always bring it back to my past work and collections. [He has worked for many different brands, including Parasuco, Tristan & America, as well as his own line Andy by Andy Thê-Anh.] It brings Lolë that femininity I have always been known for. The back straps are my favourite feminine detail. Women work so hard, and the back, I think, is the most beautiful body part to expose and where I show details on many of the pieces.”

Athleticism versus fashion
“I combine fashion and function together through the fabrics. I used silk throughout the collection and I mixed it in with technical fabrics, so the whole collection is about an active lifestyle rather than just the active wear.”

A woman’s silhouette
“Shape is important to me. It’s part of the evolution of women’s active wear. It’s often boxy and bulky. But women work out hard, they want to be fashionable, and they want to look good. Active wear should have that accessibility for women.”

Feeling good in his clothes
“I want every woman to feel sexy, but [exposed skin] has to be elegant. It comes to me as I’m designing. I’m not thinking, oh, I have to show ‘this’ body part or ‘that’ body part. I’m looking at how women work out and the silhouette. It comes naturally, showing the back, the legs.”

Women’s strength
“Today’s woman is my hero. They’re always balancing their family and work lives. I really take my hat off to them. That woman is strong. They’re holding it all together.”

Also, Lolë just made a recent announcement. The fashion line is partnering with skincare brand NeoStrata for the Lolë White Tour this summer, showing that the worlds of fashion, beauty and health truly are related. For more information on the events happening across Canada, go to Lolë’s White Tour site.

Photos by George Pimentel.

Lisa Hannam

Lisa Hannam is Glow's health editor and unofficial guinea pig for test-driving new workouts, fitness gear and nutrition trends. When not combing through food label claims and evaluating new vitamins and supplements, Lisa can be found at her desk most days, translating the medical journal jargon into understandable English. Follow her on Instagram @lisahannam, Twitter @lisahannam, as well as on Pinterest at pinterest.com/lisahannam and tumblr at lisahannam.tumblr.com.

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glow digital magazine

Click here to view the latest issue of Glow magazine

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