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five reasons i can’t get enough of rose water


Roses are the star ingredient in a lot of beauty products I reach for again and again:rose scented salves, Nuxe’s Micellar Cleanser and of course, good old-fashioned rose water. It’s a timeless hallmark of grannies for a reason – it works.

While in Europe over the summer I wandered into a handful of pharmacies to stock up on acetone (it’s cheaper and more concentrated over the pond). On my hunt, I nearly mistook a bottle of rose water for nail polish remover but when I noticed it was less than 1 Euro I decided I couldn’t afford not to try it.

I came to rely on rose water more than I expected to while on vacation. Here are five reasons I still love this multi-tasker:

1. If you’re not a fan of heavy scents, rose water is subtle but people will tell you how good you smell. Plus, it softens and moisturizes skin.

2. Because salt water can be drying, I used it as after-shave on my legs. Who knew rose water could be so calming? Despite being nowhere near the ocean, I still use this natural anti-inflammatory post-shower.

3. In a pinch, it makes a great eye makeup remover and toner. (Thanks to the packaging instructions, I also learned that “párpados” is Spanish for eyelids).

4. There are few ingredients – you can even make a batch yourself by mixing rose petals, water and glycerin – making it ideal for sensitive skin or adding to baby’s bath.

5. Pour some in a spray bottle and spritz onto makeup brushes to help intensify eye shadows and set makeup post application.

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glow digital magazine

Click here to view the latest issue of Glow magazine

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