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four ways to look put together

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    Sure, it’s hot out but that doesn’t mean that you have to give up on looking put together. Whether your Google Calendar consists of brunch with friends or a client meeting, stay classy with our picks for outfit ideas and finishing touches courtesy of Ralph Lauren's Big Pony Collection that are perfect for any day of the week.The four fragrances are perfect for every occasion.

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    Google Calendar Alert: Friday date night
    Your look: For date night, pair form fitting and skin baring pieces with edgy jackets for chilly evenings.

    Finishing touch: Big Pony Pink is a pretty and girlie scent with sensual notes like cranberry and tonka mousse that perfectly complement skin baring pieces. The fragrance reminds us of cotton candy and a pitcher of sangria and is perfect to start off the weekend. Spritz a tiny amount on as a little bit goes a long way.

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    Google Calendar Alert: Sunday wedding
    Your look: Summer weddings are a great way to sport bright colours and playful patterns, especially if they’re outdoors. If you are wearing a skin-baring number, make sure the dress has a demure, ladylike shape so it looks formal.

    Finishing touch: Big Pony Yellow is a light and refreshing scent with notes like mimosa that make it perfect to spritz on a warm day. The tropical notes will perfectly complement a summer wedding look as you sip on chilled prosecco.

  • http://files.glow.ca/gallery/summer-style-inspiration-celebrity-fragrance-2.jpg


    Google Calendar Alert: Tuesday client meeting
    Your look: The key to looking polished while feeling comfortable in the sweltering heat is to opt for pieces in sheer and breathable fabrics and pair them with tailored pieces.

    Finishing touch: Big Pony Blue is perfect for every day and the subtle cool blue notes won’t be too distracting during your power lunch. The invigorating mix of sparkling grapefruit and cool blue lotus make the scent perfect to spritz on a hot and muggy day when you need to smell fresh and clean.

  • http://files.glow.ca/gallery/summer-style-inspiration-celebrity-fragrance-3.jpg


    Google Calendar Alert: Thursday after work cocktails
    Your look: Don’t shy away from experimenting with colour and bohemian shapes for cocktail hour. The trick to pulling away looser pieces is to pair them with shorter and sexier pieces.

    Finishing touch: Pair sexy shapes with rich and luscious notes found in Big Pony Purple. It blends wild cherry and purple amber to create soft, oriental floral scent.

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glow digital magazine

Click here to view the latest issue of Glow magazine

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