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glow digital magazine

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here’s how I’m making my skin look flawless


Transitional skincare is always tricky to navigate here in Toronto. When September hits I'm dreaming of fall sweaters but still sweating buckets in a tanktop on the TTC. And my skin is equally at odds with reality dried out from a summer of swimming and sunning and in need of some detox. My lazy fix for the moment are a pair of masks that help deliver moisture but also keep the gunk out. Bio Beaute by Nuxe has just put out a detox mask that has an awesome gel-like texture that feels amazing on the face after a hot and humid commute. It's got an instantly cooling effect, but is light as air on the skin. It packs a vitamin-rich punch but also melts away impurities. And my fave new is a double-wonder as well. Royal Apothic's Cuppa Cuppa is an exfoliating and firming mask that relies on the antioxidant powers of tea. I LOVE THIS MASK. It's cooling and feels tingly in a good way while on the skin. It washes off well and leaves your face glowing. My only complaint about this one is the size. The instructions recommend a liberal application but the tiny size means you get roughly three uses out of each tube. Give me more tube Royal Apothic!!


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glow digital magazine

Click here to view the latest issue of Glow magazine

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