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how my love affair with chloé began


Chloé Eau de Parfum

The first time I met Chloé was in Paris. She sat on a perfume counter in a pretty glass bottle wrapped in a dusty-pink bow. It was the first time I’d ever walked through the streets of Paris and I looked at her the same way I looked at everything else in the city—with wide-eyed wonder. This must be what cool, sophisticated Parisian girls must smell like and I totally wanted to be one of them. When I returned home, I bought myself a bottle and for the next few years, we had a great relationship. Until I realized I wasn’t the only one she was cozying up with.

The worst thing when you think you’ve found your signature fragrance is when ten other people think it’s theirs too—colleagues, acquaintances, BFFs. That’s what happened with Chloé. My perfect scent with peony, rose and magnolia no longer felt special. Eventually, other fragrances come into the picture and I moved on. I’d wear it only when I was sure no one else was.

♡ ☻ ☮ So grateful to be in the @chloe family! 📷 @inezvinoodh #dreamcometrue

A photo posted by dree hemingway (@dreelouisehemingway) on

And then one day, Chloé suddenly came back into my life (or landed on my desk, rather). This year, the fashion house announced that super-cool model and actress Dree Hemmingway would be the new face of the scent and I’d received the bottle to celebrate the news. I grudgingly picked it up and an air spritz later, remembered why I loved it so much. Turns out, other women who’d loved Chloé as much as I did had moved on. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if I started wearing it again. These days, I’ll sneak in a spritz here and there, more than usual. Old flames die hard.

Mishal Cazmi

Mishal Cazmi is Glow’s Beauty Editor. She collects rose-scented everything and her face mask collection is nearing capacity. She’s nosy when it comes to your beauty routine and she’s happy to blab about hers.

You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

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glow digital magazine

Click here to view the latest issue of Glow magazine

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