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I learned how not to use dry shampoo


As someone whose natural sebum production can only be described as “accelerated,” dry shampoo has always been my desert-island-can’t-live-without-it beauty crutch. I was an early adopter and I’ve tried ‘em all but like most beauty discoveries, I stumbled upon my personal dry shampoo “hack” entirely by accident.

Usually I spray dry shampoo onto my roots and immediately brush it through. One morning I got side-tracked. By the time I remembered to work it through, I noticed the white residue had mostly disappeared. Turns out two minutes is not nearly enough time to let dry shampoo absorb properly – contrary to the instructions on the bottle. By allowing the starch to absorb for over five minutes I got far better results. Now I hit my roots with a few spritzes first thing in the morning and let it sit while I go through multiple attempts at the perfect winged cat eye.

Sometimes I take it a step further by spraying dry shampoo onto my roots right before bed. I don’t even brush it out; I just let it do its magic while I snooze. The results are amped up natural bed head the next day. My dry shampoo game got even easier after I switched to tinted dry shampoo for brunettes (I swear by Klorane’s version; there’s a reason a can is sold every 10 seconds). The mineral pigments won’t run or stain. Victory!


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glow digital magazine

Click here to view the latest issue of Glow magazine

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