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lisa eldridge's must-watch makeup tutorials

  • http://files.glow.ca/gallery/lisa-eldridge-lancome-youtube-makeup-star-0.jpg


    Want to master a dramatic smoky eye or fake a perfect complexion? Meet your new best friend: Lisa Eldridge. Not only is she Lancôme’s creative director of makeup, she’s also a YouTube sensation who produces easy-to-follow (and highly addictive!) beauty tutorials. Narrowing down the list wasn’t easy—she’s created so many good videos over the years—but we managed to pick some of her greatest hits for your viewing pleasure.

  • http://files.glow.ca/gallery/lisa-eldridge-lancome-youtube-makeup-star-1.png


    No Makeup Makeup Look
    (youtube video)

    Why We Love It: Eldridge takes natural-looking makeup seriously (she’s been known to examine foundations under a magnifying mirror to make sure they don’t sit on the skin), so she’s the perfect person to turn to for advice on achieving this flawless look. Plus, this video is an overwhelming fan favourite—with more than 2 million views and counting.

    Words of Wisdom: “If your skin’s perfected, it’s amazing how little [makeup] you can get away with everywhere else.”

    Must-Have Product: Bourjois Healthy Mix Gel Serum Foundation is very light and blends easily. Most importantly, it passes Eldridge’s foundation test!

  • http://files.glow.ca/gallery/lisa-eldridge-lancome-youtube-makeup-star-2.png


    Meeting Up with the Ex
    (youtube video)

    Why We Love It: There’s something almost therapeutic about this video, and Eldridge’s life advice and expert makeup tips apply to any time you’re not feeling your best—break up or not. Oh, and keep your eyes peeled for a brief cameo by her cat Peachop.

    Words of Wisdom: “A touch of pink blush put right onto the apples of the cheeks instantly lifts the face and makes you look well rested.”

    Must-Have Product: Lancôme Hypnose Waterproof Custom Volume Mascara won’t budge—even if you shed a few tears.

  • http://files.glow.ca/gallery/lisa-eldridge-lancome-youtube-makeup-star-3.png


    PMS Face
    (youtube video)

    Why We Love It: Eldridge understands what it feels like to be a woman at that unpleasant time of the month—she admits to getting huge “spots” (pimples) and puffy eyes—and offers helpful solutions to counter what she calls “PMS face.”

    Words of Wisdom: “Find the right products and use them in the right areas, so it’s being very clever about your makeup.”

    Must-Have Product: Dab some Clinique Even Better Eye Dark Circle Corrector under your eyes to fight puffiness and discolouration.

  • http://files.glow.ca/gallery/lisa-eldridge-lancome-youtube-makeup-star-4.png


    Classic Smoky Eye Tutorial
    (youtube video)

    Why We Love It: The smoky eye is a versatile look that’s great to have in your skill set, and there’s no reason to be intimidated—Eldridge breaks it down and makes it super easy to recreate. Just remember Q-tips are your friend for smudging and fixing mistakes.

    Words of Wisdom: “You want it to look sort of perfectly imperfect. With a smoky eye you want it to be smudgy and a bit lived in. I think it just looks nicer and it looks sexier and more modern.”

    Must-Have Product: To avoid looking too gothic, Eldridge recommends applying a bit of subtle colour to your cheeks with Benefit Dandelion Powder.

  • http://files.glow.ca/gallery/lisa-eldridge-lancome-youtube-makeup-star-5.png


    Spot Cover Makeup
    (youtube video)

    Why We Love It: Whether you have acne-prone skin or just suffer from the occasional breakout, this tutorial will seriously change your life. Eldridge’s technique completely covers redness and blemishes without creating a visible mask effect.

    Words of Wisdom: “The urge is to put on a blanket of thick foundation, but not only is it covering the spots, it’s also covering the good skin and the bits of the skin where you’ve got some natural luminosity.”

    Must-Have Product: Use Vichy Dermablend Corrective Foundation all over your face, or just to conceal spots like Eldridge does in this video.

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glow digital magazine

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