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the dior-approved concealer that made me a concealer convert


Confession: I rarely use concealer. When I tell fellow beauty editors this, the reaction is a mix of aghast expressions and gaping mouths, as if I’ve committed a cardinal sin. And so, I’ve been making a concentrated effort to use one, if only to see if I’ve really been missing out. Enter Dior’s new Backstage Pros Fix It. Like the iconic Diorshow mascara, this multi-purpose concealer takes its cues from the makeup magic that happens backstage and is makeup artist-approved. It’s a concealer, primer and corrector in one that contains concealer on the outside and a super-moisturizing balm in the center.

Dior creative and image director, Peter Philips used it backstage for the brand’s fall 2015 runway show, using it around the eye area to hide imperfections and prep it for that graphic eye makeup you’ve seen Pinned and Insta’ed everywhere by now. He also used it on the lips as a primer and to neutralize the lip colour. If it’s good enough for Peter Philips, it’s good enough for me.

I decide to test-drive it when my skin is acting up (which, by the way, is often), choosing Medium from the three shades available. I use it to cover blemishes and it glides on easily, cancels out redness, and instantly brightens. If your skin is redness-prone like mine, this might be the answer to your coverage-wanting prayers. What really does it for me is the moisturizing balm in the center, which makes the whole application process incredibly effortless. The less I have to think about it, the better. Word of caution: if you’re looking to cover up angry acne or more pronounced dark circles, go for a more heavy-duty, full coverage concealer. These days, I’m surprised at how often I reach for it. I won’t be attempting that Dior eye look anytime soon, but baby steps, right?


Mishal Cazmi

Mishal Cazmi is Glow’s Beauty Editor. She collects rose-scented everything and her face mask collection is nearing capacity. She’s nosy when it comes to your beauty routine and she’s happy to blab about hers.

You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

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glow digital magazine

Click here to view the latest issue of Glow magazine

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