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the men’s facial hair trend that will make you swoon


It’s time to change the clocks. Not because of any daylight savings, but because the three-month shadow is the new three o’clock shadow. Men are loving facial hair (and so are we!), but the current trend hits in the middle between a fresh shave and Duck Dynasty – men have lots of looks to choose from.

“More and more of our clients come in for a beard and mustache trim,” says Vanessa Infante, spa director at One & Only Palmilla hotel resort in Los Cabos Mexico, including its Barber & Blade services. It’s a vacation fave for A-listers, such as George Clooney and Joshua Jackson. “They want the look of a ‘three-month beard,’ so not too long.” To maintain this handsome and rugged look, he’ll need regular trims, grooming around the beard and, for some guys, beard dye. Here is what he’ll need:

Shaving soap: One that’s gritty enough to fight past the whiskers to get to the skin, but not one that leaves debris in his beard. This is a double-duty product, because it cleanses the face and foams up (thanks to the hair on his chinny, chin, chin) into a shaving cream.

Glow pick: Proraso Shaving Soap in a Bowl

Razor blades: Even a daring beard requires a bit of sharp grooming. We like this one because of the “flexball” technology (think Dyson ball on your vacuum cleaner) that will follow the curves on his face.

Glow pick: Gillette Fusion Proglide Razor

Electric razor: Control the growth with a shaving tool that has hair length settings. This one has 24 settings. 

Glow pick: Conair for Men Max Trim Beard & Mustache Trimmer

Post-shave lotion: Facial hair can become protective for skin, so a shave can be irritating, even if it’s not removing the entire beard. This product is a must to soothe and calm the skin and can help prevent ingrown hairs. And as a lotion, instead of a balm, it will be absorbed and won’t leave residue.

Glow pick: Neutrogena Men Razor Defense post Shave Lotion

Looking for Father’s Day gift ideas? The above is a treat for any man. If you’re going to buy your man anything, Infante recommends at least and oil and a cleanser, things he might not realize he needs. But she adds that grooming products (clean scent is the way to go) make thoughtful presents, but it shouldn’t be the only thing you give him. Make the gift even more masculine with something he loves, like his favourite bottle of liquor, a piece of sporting equipment, or a tool if he’s a bit of a hobbiest.

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glow digital magazine

Click here to view the latest issue of Glow magazine

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