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the orange-red lipstick that changed my mind about orange-red lipsticks


Understatement alert: I have A LOT of red lipsticks in my collection, which means I probably don’t need another one in the mix. However, I realized recently that all my red lippies fall into the blue-red category. I’ve always gravitated toward cooler reds because I feel like they’re more flattering to my pinkish complexion, plus they make my teeth look whiter (which is never a bad thing, right?).

But there comes a time when you have to step outside your beauty comfort zone and experiment with something new, and so it was with excitement (and a smidge of trepidation) that I applied my first swipe of Smashbox’s Be Legendary Lipstick in Fireball Matte.

Well, it turns out I might be an orangey red girl after all. I’m obsessed with the super-saturated matte finish, the subtle vanilla scent and the way the bright hue instantly wakes up my face. Oh, and did I mention my new friend Fireball perfectly matches the collar on one of my favourite dresses? Talk about a win-win. The moral of the story? Whatever it is you’re afraid to wear, try it, you just might like—scratch that—love it.


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glow digital magazine

Click here to view the latest issue of Glow magazine

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